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The Voodoo became the principle aircraft of the 98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron stationed at Dover Air Force Base in the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s. Their job was to defend Washington D.C. and the Eastern U.S. over the course of the Cold War. At any time the 98th was ready to scramble into the air within five minutes.

In 1959 the 98th received the Voodoo , a versatile two-seat fighter. First designed at the end of WWII as a penetration fighter, it was adapted for close air support in 1954. For several years it was the fastest long range fighter in the arsenal. Our F-101 is displayed in the markings of the 98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron from Dover.

Assignment History

F-101B Voodoo — S/N: 59-428
7 Aug 1960 Delivered to USAF
Aug 1960 To 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (ADC), Griffiss AF,B NY
1 Jan 1962 To 2856th Air Base Wing (AF Logistics Command), Griffiss AFB, NY
16 Jan 1962 To 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (ADC), Griffiss AFB, NY
Jul 1968 To 60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (ADC), Otis AFB, MA
Apr 1971 To 107th Tactical Fighter Group (Air National Guard), Niagara Falls, NY
Apr 1982 To Sheppard Technical Training Center (Air Training Command), Sheppard AFB, TX
Unknown Designated GF-101B

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