A-26C Invader


The Douglas A-26 was a World War II attack aircraft used for level bombing, ground strafing and rocket attacks. It made its first flight in July 1942, and production delivery began in August 1943. The A-26 entered combat over Europe in November 1944. By the time production halted after the end of WWII, 2,502 Invaders had been built.

The A-26 was redesignated the B-26 in 1948 (thus creating everlasting confusion with the WWII Martin B-26 Marauder). During the Korean War, the B-26 became an important part of the USAF interdiction campaign against communist ground forces. Initially B-26 crews flew during the day, but the introduction of the MiG-15 jet fighter forced them to fly most missions at night.

Early in the Southeast Asia War, the Invader went into action for the third time. Also, the USAF ordered 40 modified B-26Bs with more powerful engines and increased structural strength. Designated the B-26K, the airplanes performed special air warfare missions.


In August 2008, Worldwide Aircraft Recovery, the company that has moved several aircraft for us, once again made it look easy. They disassembled the plane in Fargo North Dakota and trucked it to their headquarters in Nebraska, conveniently located near Offutt AFB. The 512th Airlift Wing (the Reserve Wing here at Dover) picked the plane up as part of a training mission for new loadmasters and brought it home. Our restoration crew had the aircraft ready for display before the 2009 Dover AFB Air Show and Open House.

Restoration Gallery

23 August 2008

13 March 2009

Video Tour

Serial Number: 44-35523 (N3428G)
First Flight:
10 July 1942
Crew: 3
Payload: 4,000 lbs of bombs
Powerplant: 2x 2,000 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-79 Double Wasp radial piston engines
51 ft 3 in
70 ft
18 ft 3 in
Empty Weight:
22,803 lbs
Loaded Weight:
34,927 lbs
Maximum Speed:
372 mph
Cruise Speed:
284 mph
Range: 1,400 mi
Service Ceiling: 22,100 ft
AMC Museum Restoration Crew Chief: Patrick O'Neill

Assignment History

The assignment history for the Air Mobility Command Museum's A-26C Invader, serial number 44-35523 (N3428G):

Date Location
May 1945 to 140th AAF Base Unit (Air Training Command), Moody AAF, GA
Oct 1945 to 138th AAF Base Unit (Continental Air Force), Lake Charles AAF, LA (assigned to 47th Bombardment [Medium] Group)
March 1946 to 307th AAF Base Unit (Tactical Air Command), Lake Charles AAF, LA
May 1946 to 4160th AF Base Unit (Air Material Command), Hill AFB, UT (storage to RB-26C)
April 1952 to 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TAC), Shaw AFB, SC
April 1954 to 183rd Tactical Reconnaissance (Night Photography) Squadron (Air National Guard), Hawkins Field, Jackson, MS
March 1958 to Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (AMC), Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
July 1958 Dropped from inventory as surplus
25 Aug 2008 to Air Mobility Command Museum for restoration and display
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