1617th Flightline Maintenance Squadron Patch


The 1617th Flightline Maintenance Squadron was a C-133 Cargomaster aircraft squadron assigned to Dover AFB, Delaware, from 1960-1966.

The patch is embroidered with a winged, three-bladed propeller against a globe. The Latin motto at the bottom reads “Volantes Iuvamus.”

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Era: Cold War
Clothing & Insignia: Patches
Special Collection: Dover AFB
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Not on display

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I was assigned to the 1617 OMS (later changed to 617 OMS) from 1964-1968 before honorable discharge. As crew chief on C-133A tail #62006 from 1966-1968 & on flight status flew missions to Vietnam, Alaska, Europe, Mideast & domestic US. Many great memories of Dover AFB & C-133 including meeting a local Milford girl; now my wife of 54 years.

You may have served with my grandfather
Cmsgt Jack Chambers he was chief on the 2008 and also I believe line chief.

Hi Robert, I was in one of the barracks just west of the chow hall, worked the 11 to 7 shift, stayed in the barracks, first floor from about October 62 to December 63, then married and lived in Frederica Delaware. TDY’s to Goose Bay Labrador, Rhein Mein Germany, Furstenfeldbrucke, Germany, Chateraux France, Tarajuan Spain, Lajaes Azores, Fort Campbell, Mrytle Beach, McDill, Chanute, Lackland, Travis, Edwards

My father was with the 1617th in early 60’s. Aircraft mechanic on C-133’s. Dorman Hughes (red head from Louisiana) he retired from Barksdale Air Force Base in 1990. (Air Reserve Tech on A-10’s)

Hi Dennis, I was also in the 1617th I was at DAFB from Jan 59 to June 1961 when I was discharged.
I worked in the orderly room. I do remember
Sgt Guy Ober, he was a nice guy, he showed me a little part from a C-133 and said “would you believe me
If I told you this costs $100.? He was from Louisiana and died several years ago. He was still there
When I was discharged.

I was stationed at DAFB in the 1617th FLMS as a jet engine mechanic from 1962 to 1966. Most of our work was done on the flightline troubleshooting engine issues and making immediate repairs, run engines and get the C-133s off as quickly as possible to destinations all over the world. Did a lot of TDYs all over the states, Labrador, France, Germany, Spain, and Azores.