98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Patch


The 98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware, from from 1953 to 1963 as part of the Air Defense Command. It flew the F-89 Scorpion aircraft and later the F-101 Voodoo aircraft. The squadron was inactivated on 30 September 1968.

The squadron emblem used on the patch was approved in 1956. The orange patch depicts a black bird and motto, “In Omnia Paratus.”

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Era: Cold War
Clothing & Insignia: Patches
Special Collection: Dover AFB
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Not on display

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Anyone out there from 46th FIS 1956,57,58 and include 98th FIS 1958,59

My grandfather, Airman First Wampole, was in from 58-60. We’re travelling down memory road.

I was the crew chief of tail #309 . Was at Dover from June 1961 until we moved to Suffolk in 1963. Also spent time in Atlantic City during the Cuban Crisis. Remember some of my Sgts being Cunningham and SMSGT Mais(?)

I joined the 98th in 1962 in the Special Weapons section. Captain Weber was our OIC. Chief Master Sergeant Harney was our NCOIC.

I was in the 98th at Dover from 62 – 63. I was in the special weapons unit that maintained the MB-1 nuclear warhead rocket that the F-101, and later the F-106 of the 95th, carried. I found a patch from each squadron on ebay.

I was stationed at Dover AFB 1956 until February 1960, assigned to the 98th FIS……any one from that Squadron?????? Ronnie

I was in the 98th FIS from 1961-1963. I worked on the radios, navigation and data Link. Was also on a auxiliary armament team.

I arrived at Dover in March 1956 to the 46th FIS F-94C’s and was there in trans to 98th… F-89J and then the hot F-101B Voodoo… I was a mechanic and worked hangars, flight line and in the alert hangars. Was discharged July 19, 1959.

yes! Iwas srationed there from Mar 1961 to Jun 1963, when the squadron was moved to Suffolk county NY

My dad, Roderick, was an F89 pilot in the 98th FIS at Dover from 56-58.

I was at Dover from Feb 1960 to Sept 1963. I was assigned to Base a Supply and was a member of the 1607 Supply Squadron. A1C Edward McFadden. How can I get the squadron patch?

Any one know a Lt Kennedy of the 98th FIS assigned to the Special Weapons section (MB-1 rocket) I also was assigned to that section, from 1958 to February 1960 would like to try and make contact with him??? A/1C Ronald Wampole