This complete and unassembled 1/144 scale model kit was made by Entex Industries Inc. The L-500 version shown on the box was designed by Lockheed to be a civilian passenger or cargo version of the military C-5 Galaxy, a cargo aircraft. No L-500 versions were built.

Question about this artifact? Email the Collections Manager, Hal Sellars.

Every artifact in the Air Mobility Command Museum, including this one, is part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program. We are not able to loan artifacts in the museum's collection.


  • Paul Miner

    I just ran across this web page that features the 1/144 Lockheed L-500 model kit. I have been looking for this model for years!! is this kit for sale? I’m a little confused as to how it could be an artifact only.

    Thank you,
    Paul Miner

    • Deborah Sellars

      Everything you see in the Collections section of the museum’s website is part of our accessioned collection and is a permanent part of the USAF Heritage Program. The AMC Museum is a field museum within the National Museum of the USAF system. Why did we accession a C-5 model kit? It was donated to the museum in 2005 and was considered to be of enough historical interest and rarity that it was added to the museum’s permanent collection. None of the artifacts in the museum’s collection are sold or traded. Good luck in your search!

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