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One of the most significant artifacts in the museum’s collection is a WWII D-Day Jump Manifest. It was donated by TSgt. Winfield “Bing” Wood who was an aerial engineer on the museum’s C-47 “Turf & Sport Special.” The manifest dated 5 June 1944 shows “Turf & Sport’s” serial number, 42-92841, and lists the names and serial numbers of the 82nd Airborne paratroopers who would be dropped at St. Mere-Eglise, France. It also lists the contents of the containers that were dropped. The reverse side of the document lists the names of the aircraft’s crew members.


In 1944 Bing was assigned to the 61st Troop Carrier Squadron in Saltby, England. After his squadron received a new C-47 Skytrain, he named it “Turf & Sport Special” after his favorite horse-racing magazine. With Bing as the aerial engineer, “Turf & Sport” dropped 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers and supplies on 5 June 1944 in support of Operation Neptune, commonly known as D-Day. Bing and his airplane also flew missions in support of Operation Market Garden.

“Turf & Sport Special” has been part of the museum’s aircraft collection since 1986.

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My great uncle allegedly had a WW2 combat jump. From the scant information I can gather, it may have been into Nijmegen for Market Garden. All I have is his name. No unit or dates. Do you know where I might locate a jump manifest for the 1944 Market Garden jumps?