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In 1972 during the Vietnam War, Bill Begert flew close air support as an O-2A Forward Air Controller while stationed at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam. He received the small yellow flag as a souvenir when, during one of his missions, a North Vietnamese Army, Russian-made T-54 tank was captured. It was made from a piece of the captured tank’s battle flag. Printed on the flag are the words, “To Covy 26-Thank you-This is from Russian T-54 tank you knocked out.” In 1990, General William J. Begert donated the flag to the Air Mobility Command Museum.

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Era: Cold War, Vietnam War
Special Collection: Foreign
Other: Mementos
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Not on display

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Every artifact in the Air Mobility Command Museum, including this one, is part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program. We are not able to loan or sell artifacts in the museum's collection.

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