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The museum's phone system is undergoing maintenance. Your call or voicemail may not go through or be saved. It is best to currently email the person you wish to correspond with. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Air Mobility Command Museum
1301 Heritage Rd.
Dover AFB, DE 19902-5301
(302) 677-5938
Johnny Taylor, Director
(302) 677-5942
Deborah Sellars, Collections Manager
(302) 677-5993
Les Polley, Aircraft Restoration Chief
(302) 677-3855
Harry Heist, Archivist
(302) 677-5997
Larry Koewing, Photo Archivist
(302) 677-5997
Kelly Hurlburt, Store Manager
(302) 677-5992
Paul George, Tour Scheduler, Volunteer Coordinator
(302) 677-5991
Tricia Upchurch, Educator
(302) 677-5994
Hal Sellars, Webmaster