A Very Special Report from Operation Husky

by George C.Merz, Lt Col. USAF (Ret) as told to Lewis E. Johnston, 1st Lt AUS (Ret)

This story is from a firsthand account. It is not copyrighted unless noted but we request anyone using this for other than personal use to credit the author and the museum.
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Is there any roster that exists for the 61st Troop Carrier Group, at least those aircraft and crew shot down, for Husky 2? The official records for the 61st went to the bottom of the Mediterranean on 03 SEP 1943 when a pilot (Queale) carrying all records decided to fly low at wave-top level and chase a seabird. The aircraft went in – the records – all of them – went down. Most all of the 61st TCG records thereafter begin on 04 SEP 1943. Specifically I am tying to find out about one crew member James C. Petit de Mange, whom I thought was in the 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron.

I just happened to read this comment. I know it was posted 4 years ago, but if Kev is still following this, I’d like him to contact me. James C. Petit de Mange was my father.

My Uncle Anthony Shalonis was with 2nd Battalion 504 Regiment I believe. We had been told “friendly fire” but nothing was clear. I have had difficulty finding records of his deployment. That and records destroyed in a 1970? fire in St. Louis.