Anthrax Epidemic

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name: Anthrax Epidemic
Location: Japan
Date: August 1965
Emergency: An anthrax epidemic struck 320 people.
Organizations: 36th Air Recovery Squadron
Airlifted: Anthrax medicine and two doctors.
Aircraft Used: HH–43 (one)

In late August, 320 Japanese villagers around Nishine Town contracted anthrax from eating infected beef. Dr. Kunihiko Tsuchiya, the local physician, began searching for the proper medication. The 439th Air Force Hospital at nearby Misawa AB obtained the medicine for Dr. Tsuchiya from the Tokyo area.

From Misawa AB, a 36th Air Recovery Squadron HH–43B helicopter crew airlifted the medicine and two Air Force doctors to Nishine Town. The treatment worked. A week after the mission, Dr. Tsuchiya reported that all patients were recovering well.

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