Guatemalan Airlift

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name:
Guatemalan Airlift
November 1993
Emergency: A town in Guatemala needed medical supplies and fire trucks.
Organizations: 433d Airlift Wing and 68th Airlift Squadron
Airlifted: Medical supplies and two fire trucks.
Aircraft Used: C–5 (one)

The Denton Amendment allowed military aircraft flying to foreign countries to transport privately donated humanitarian cargo on a space-available basis at no charge to the donors or recipients. In November 1993, private relief agencies seeking to deliver medical supplies and fire trucks from the United States to Guatemala obtained permission for a humanitarian airlift from the Defense Department’s Office of Humanitarian and Refugee Affairs.

A 68th Airlift Squadron aircrew of the 433d Airlift Wing at Kelly AFB, Texas, performed the mission, flying a C–5 Galaxy aircraft to La Aurora, Guatemala. The airplane carried medical supplies for a new surgical facility at Chocola and two fire trucks for a local fire department.

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