Korean Orphanage Airlift

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name:
Korean Orphanage Airlift
South Korea
Early 1961
Emergency: A Korean orphanage appealed for children’s clothing.
Organizations: 815th Troop Carrier Squadron
Airlifted: Two tons of children’s clothing.
Aircraft Used: C–130 (one)

When U.S. military chaplains in Tokyo, Japan, learned of a need for children’s clothing at an orphanage near Osan AB in South Korea, they organized a collection drive. During early 1961, they gathered nearly two tons of clothes. Volunteers from the Tachikawa AB chapel packed the clothes, which filled 55 boxes. An 815th Troop Carrier Squadron C–130 on a routine training flight airlifted the clothes from Tachikawa to Osan, where they were taken to the orphanage for distribution to the children.

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