Operation Foodlift

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name:
Operation Foodlift
South Korea
July–August 1953
Emergency: The Korean War left thousands of people without adequate food.
Organizations: 315th Air Division and 315th and 483d Troop Carrier Wings
Airlifted: 429 tons of C rations.
Aircraft Used: C–46 and C–119 (numbers unknown)

By the time of the Korean War armistice on July 27, 1953, thousands of Korean refugees lacked adequate food. Immediately after the truce, the 315th Air Division airlifted 429 tons of C rations from U.S. military stockpiles in Japan to South Korea. 315th Troop Carrier Wing C–46s from Brady AB and 483d Troop Carrier Wing C–119s from Ashiya AB participated in the project, dubbed Operation Foodlift.

The United Nations Civil Assistance Command in Korea accepted the food rations for distribution to destitute South Koreans. Each 6-in-1 ration could feed a family of five for one day. The food airlift helped South Koreans survive until more permanent UN and U.S. reconstruction projects could help them recover from the war.

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