Operation Helping Hand

Operation Name:
Operation Helping Hand
March 28–April 17, 1964
Emergency: An earthquake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale struck southern Alaska.
Organizations: 62d, 464th, and 516th Troop Carrier Wings; 1254th, 1501st, 1607th, 1608th, 1611th, and 1707th Air Transport Wings; 5017th Operations Squadron (Ops Sq); 41st and 76th Air Rescue Squadrons; 146th Air Transport Wing (ANG); and 144th Air Transport Squadron (ANG)
Airlifted: 1,850 tons of electrical generators, water purification equipment, seismographic apparatus, construction equipment, bedding, and clothing; and 850 passengers, including medical, construction, and communications personnel.
Aircraft Used: C–124 (55), C–123 (17), C–130 (11), C–97 (8), C–135 (4), C–133 (2), C–121 (2), C–118 (1), VC–137 (1), HU–16 (3), HC–54 (1), and H–21 (number unknown)
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My dad was in Operation Helping Hand in 1964 Alaska earthquake.