Operation Provide Refuge

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name:
Provide Refuge
Marshall Islands
February 13–March 9, 1993
Emergency: 535 Chinese refugees from a disabled freighter needed food and other relief supplies.
Organizations: Twenty-second Air Force and 60th and 62d Airlift Wings
Airlifted: At least 18 tons of relief supplies and hundreds of passengers.
Aircraft Used: C–5 (1) and C–141 (5)

In early February, a freighter heading for the United States carrying 535 Chinese refugees suffered engine failure. As food and water aboard the ship ran low, the crew broadcast distress signals. A Coast Guard ship responded, towing the ship to nearby Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Between February 13 and March 9, the Twenty-second Air Force airlifted 18 tons of food and other relief supplies from Hawaii to Kwajalein to sustain the refugees. A C–5 and a C–141 participated in the operation, which was called Operation Provide Refuge. The two aircraft also transported 118 passengers. Subsequently, four AMC C–141s and three commercial contract aircraft carried the refugees to Hawaii, where immigration officials would determine whether they would be admitted to the United States.

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Served with the 3rd Bn, 22nd Inf on this mission. I was in S-3 .

I was there for this and it was so sad to see the refugees. They were so malnourished. This was definitely in the good column for the united States and I am proud to have done my part to help.