Peruvian Earthquake

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No mention of USS Guam or Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365? We were operating directly offshore of Chimbote and later Paramonga. Don’t recall seeing any ships from other nations or any other US forces for that matter. I was a pallet pusher aboard a CH-46 when we took the first load of supplies and food to the soccer field in Chimbote. Peruvian troops and cops were busy trying to hold back the crowds. Never seen such devastation.

My grandfather was Sgt Leonard Holmes. From what I have read he was with Mr Eubanks when they arrived in Peru

James, one on the choppers crashed, I don’t think it was a huey though, and a crewmember lost a limb. We were just lucky there weren’t more casualties. That was a difficult area to fly in and out of.

Yes, I agree Rich.

My father was a parachuter from Los Angeles that went to help in the 1970 earthquake of Peru. Would like to know if anymore has any pictures of the parachuters. I had one but lost it.
His name was James A. Moore.

I was stationed at Ft. Gulick in the Canal Zone with the 8th Special forces Group when this occurred. Myself and one other radio operator were sent the morning of the quake to provide communication. Being fluent in Spanish, we also acted as interpreters in the villages. I spent many weeks living in a tent and was there when Patricia Nixon visited. The devastation was incredible.

We visited Peru in 2014 and was privileged enough to visit the places where these terrible landslides were. My sister in law lost an great number of relatives and up to now its been hard for her to talk about it.

It sounds like your visit to Peru back in June of 1970 was more pleasurable than my own. I was the USAF Combat Control Ssgt who spent weeks camping in Anta to build and control the runway there.

“Thanks” Rich for the help. I was with the US. hueys down the tent line from you. I can vouch that you and your crew were the busiest people at Anta. Rich and crew handled flight following for the whole valley. That’s for the US, French and Brazilian helicopters and multi national fixtwing traffic.