Project Valentine Assist

by Daniel L. Haulman

Operation Name:
Project Valentine Assist
Marshall Islands
December 2–28, 1979
Emergency: A typhoon in the Marshall Islands brought 15- to 20-foot waves to Majuro Atoll, which had a maximum elevation of 6 feet above sea level.
Organizations: Twenty-second Air Force and 60th, 62d, and 63d Military Airlift Wings
Airlifted: 650 tons of food, water purification equipment, an Army field kitchen, Red Cross supplies, communications and power generation equipment, trucks, and other relief cargo; and 250 support personnel.
Aircraft Used: C–141 (35) and C–130 (five)

In late November, Typhoon Abby approached Majuro Atoll, a coral reef island in the Marshall Islands, a trust territory of the United States. High winds drove 15- to 20-foot waves over the small coral reef island, which had a maximum elevation of only 6 feet above sea level. Flooding destroyed homes, contaminated food and water supplies, and disrupted communications and power generation. On December 1, President Carter declared the atoll a major disaster area and ordered MAC to undertake a relief airlift.

Between December 2 and 28, the Twenty-second Air Force flew 40 cargo planes to Marshall Islands International Airport on Majuro Atoll in an emergency airlift called Project Valentine Assist. They transported 650 tons of relief equipment and supplies from Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Andersen AFB, Guam; Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio; and other locations in the continental United States. The cargo included food, water purification equipment, an Army field kitchen, medical supplies, communications and power generation equipment, 20 trucks, a forklift, cots, tents, blankets, cooking and eating utensils, lumber, and tools. The planes also carried 250 support personnel to help rebuild the island’s infrastructure, most from the 25th U.S. Infantry Division, stationed in Hawaii.

The air fleet included 35 C–141s and five C–130s from the 60th, 62d, and 63d Military Airlift Wings, based in California and Washington. Many crews were diverted from regularly scheduled Pacific flights to assist in the emergency operation, which helped the people of the Marshall Islands reconstruct their capital.

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I participated in Operation Valentine Assist and we were from the 25th Infantry Division. Not the 125th Infantry Division. That entry in your report is inaccurate and should be corrected please.

It was a pleasure to serve the People of Majuro after that natural disaster. I have really nice memories of those days there! I was the Division Mailclerk there and driver for the CO. I remember Chaplain NJUS(hope I spelled that right) pronounced NEUS.

Please correct the Division to accurately represent the 25th Infantry Division and a part of its history.

Thank you so much for memorializing this event!

Frank A. Copson Jr.
U. S. Army/Ret