C-119B Flying Boxcar Restoration Progress Report

The C-119B Flying Boxcar was assigned to the 314th Troop Carrier Group stationed at Ashia AB, Japan flying direct combat support missions during the Korean War. It is the second oldest C-119 in existence and it is the only surviving aircraft from the operation that air-dropped mobile bridge sections to Marines during the “Chosin Reservoir” rescue mission. The museum restoration team is currently in the process of getting the aircraft prepared for exterior painting and restoring the inside instrument configurations. The C-119 is on schedule to be painted this summer and later in the year the museum will dedicate this historic aircraft and its accomplishments to the Korean War Veterans.


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I was surfing on the net and came across this set of photos of the restoration of a C119. This brings back many great memories. I was a Staff Sgt. in the 512th Troop Carrier Wing from (est, can’t remember exactly) 1956 to 1963. In that era we were stationed at New Castle, later moving to Willow Grove Naval Air Station. We also flew to Grenier AFB in New Hampshire and North Field in South Carolina. I was in aircraft crash and rescue and chased many C-119s with feathered props down the runway. Flying in the C-119s was very exciting.

Thanks for the photos.