KB-50 Restoration Underway

KB-50J Superfortress Restoration Underway

The KB-50J Superfortress has arrived from MacDill AFB, Florida, transported by Worldwide Aircraft Recovery. The restoration crew have their work cut out for them after finding several areas of corrosion that will need to be treated before final assembly.

Below are several photos of the restoration crew hard at work.

We ask that visitors stay clear of the area where the KB-50 parts are lying as it’s considered a restoration construction zone.


  • William E. McGrew

    I was a crew chief on a KB-50K with the 427th . I’m really happy to see the Macdill KB-50 getting a better home. My KB-50 time was a very special part of my Air Force career, always very exciting. I wish the restoration crew all the best in getting the job done. I know what they have to do as I was a volunteer at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Tx. for 14 years.

  • 427th AREFS, Langley AFB, VA and Robins AFB, GA TAC Mission: Move fighter planes anywhere in the World on a minutes notice.

  • Terrence McKnight

    When was the KB 50 designation applied and what was their strategic purpose?
    T. McKnight

  • So glad to see that you have finally got the KB, Looks like a super major job ahead of you guys. I wish I could help but all I can do is send a little money every now and then.
    I was a flt engr on them over at Yokota in 1964 and have quite a few pictures of them, mostly air shots.

  • Awesome! I didn’t know it was going to be there so fast! If I were local I’d gladly offer a hand, but I’m over here at the other end of its life, a stone’s throw from Boeing Plant 2 where all the B-50s were built. Great to see my home and my ancestral stomping grounds get a part in its history.

  • Another in-depth project by a knowledgeable crew. I know the results will be nothing short of magnificent. I truly miss the work, and more importantly, the crew.

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