2018 Loaded for War

Loaded for War: American Railroads in WWII Exhibit

The Air Mobility Command Museum announces a new and exciting train exhibit displaying the importance of the American railway system during World War II. Nestled under the right wing of the historic C-47 aircraft “Turf and Sport Special,” you will find a two track rail system with an operating steam engine, diesel engine, army barracks layout and several other scaled structures depicting a typical railway system during that period. Also, a kiosk that plays videos demonstrating how American railroads supported U.S. combat efforts by developing the¬†innovative technologies needed to achieve victory. They moved unprecedented numbers of troops and supplies, while introducing ironclad railcars capable of carrying big guns and artillery that later evolved into modern armored combat vehicles. From late 1941 to June 1945, American railroads carried nearly 44 million servicemen and women and in the war’s final years the United States averaged 2,500 troop trains monthly.

Please come out and see our new train exhibit Loaded for War: American Railroads in World War II. The exhibit will be on display until the end of March. We are in the process of upgrading the exhibit to depict more realism and tangible items during that specific time frame in history.

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