75th Anniversary of Air Transport Command

The 75th anniversary of Air Transport Command (ATC) is upon us. It all started with Air Corps Ferrying Command in 1941, ferrying aircraft from the USA to obroad, and was soon renamed Air Transport Command in 1942. It took on the mission of now delivering supplies and equipment to overseas combat theaters and also ferrying aircraft from manufacturing plants to training facilities or for immediate operational use. By 1948, Air Transport Command became the Military Air Transport Service, which was redesignated Military Airlift Command in 1966, and by 1992 became Air Mobility Command.

Today, Air Mobility Command takes on the legacy of ATC but on the grander scale of providing rapid support for the U.S. military with global air mobility, and humanitarian support at home and overseas.

Below is a few words from the Air Transport Command Association (ATCA):

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2017 Summer Camp

Date Morning Afternoon
July 10-14 Closed Closed
July 31-Aug 4 Closed Closed
August 7-11 Closed Closed

The AMC Museum’s educational summer camp is for children interested in aeronautics and the U.S. Air Force. They will learn the history and science of flight, learn to fly in a simulator, and pre-flight an actual aircraft. They’ll also see what it’s like in a working air traffic control tower on base, get a weather briefing, talk to a pilot and loadmaster, and go on a digital scavenger hunt!

A unique feature of this summer camp is the option of a flight in a Dover AFB aero club plane around the base flight pattern for only $25. ( Continue Reading… )

Update: Is your name on the bench?

Here’s an update on the Air Mobility Command Museum Foundation 2016 Winter “Bench Program.”

Thanks to your interest and comments, we have an exciting new phase of last winter’s highly successful fundraising program. As a result of the huge response from so many Veterans, Museum members and supporters, we now plan to run this program on a continuous basis, with special emphasis during the winter months. We’ve also added two new benches for our C-47 Skytrain and B-17 Flying Fortress that will stay outside in our Commemoration Park.
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Aircraft Bench Fundraiser

Is Your Name on the Bench?

The AMC Museum Foundation is starting a unique fundraising campaign.

For a $100 donation to the AMC Museum Foundation “Bench Program” you can get your name on a plaque on the bench of your choice. We’ll also recognize you in the museum’s quarterly newsletter, Hangar Digest, and on our website.

They’ll be placed on the ramp near their respective aircraft to complement the static displays, and, as often as possible, they’ll be placed where visitors can rest in some shade. These 8-foot-long benches are high-quality plastic-coated rolled steel with cast aluminum legs. Weighing in at nearly 250 pounds each, we shouldn’t need to move them, even for the occasional Delaware hurricane.

Learn more and be a part of our aircraft bench program by clicking here!

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